How to Receive a Critique

You're about to receive feedback from someone who is dedicating their time and energy to making your work better. Preparing for your critique communicates that you value the investment someone else is making in you and helps to ensure that the interaction is as helpful as possible. The steps below will help you get the most out of your critique.

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Show your work at 100%

Present work that is as close to its final dimension and form as possible.

Respect your work

Display your work in a way that shows you care and that you're taking this seriously.

Don't apologize

Start the critique with a confident description of your work.

Look like you care

Show the person that is critiquing your work that you are interested in what they are saying.

Get excited and invested

Approach your critique with an expectation that it will be an enjoyable and helpful experience.

Prepare yourself

Get ready for your critique by thinking through what you need to learn from it.

Show the right work

Bring work to the critique that matches the expectations of the person giving you feedback.

Take good notes

Write down what is said during the critique or have a friend take notes for you.

Be involved

When possible, take an active role in the critique.